When Did You Last Login World of Warcraft?

      World of Warcraft is one of the largest multiplayer online role playing games and the best feature added lets you check in and see where your friends have been and when they were last online. It is a feature that isn’t well known, but if you start to use it, it is what can really help you get your game on. Knowing why is being able to check and how to use the other feature changes to the social network aspect of the game is essential to getting the most out of the world.

      Where Did the People Go?

      While you have always been able to post your accomplishments to the forums and even post snapshots, World of Warcraft has begun to expand the out of game social environment to still be in network, but necessarily involved in your character. If you want you can still role play in your character on the social forums but there are expanded options and better moderation to make them even more effective. When you log on you can check to see if your “favorites” are around, or when they were favorite so you can find them in the game or in the forums and shops easily. This makes your time online even more efficient.

      Why the “Favorite” Tag?

      The “favorite” tag is used as a notation in many MMPORG based and RPG competition sites so you can you can find people you want to play with, are training with and get to know more about how well people are keeping up with the game. It is also a way for getting better at being able to plan multi-player games as you will know who has seen the invitation (and just not responded) versus who hasn’t been on the system at all to respond. You can also use it to try and plan when to schedule meeting in a game. The “favorite” tag also lets you know who is online, and when you may be able to expect someone. Favorites in World of Warcraft also let you keep track of your own systems and maps better so you ca advance in skill and stats better in the game.

      Using the Tracking Feature

      The one aspect of the World of Warcraft tracking feature that is also available that people overlook is how to use it to plan how you put your strategy into action when you are online. Spending hours online chasing after accomplishments and battles is fine, but knowing that you are fighting your way over to a specific area of the expansion world you are in to meet up with someone is even better. This will let you pool your resources and get further through the worlds than you would if you were alone. The in game messaging system is good, but taking advantage of these features, plus supporting third party tracking and favorite features will make your play even better than it was before so your time is effective and powerful online.

      MineOrama - Another Scam?

      Unfortunately for the eager attendees of MineOrama, a Minecraft convention in New York, the event will be delayed for now. This raised many concerns as would be attendees are labeling this delay a part of a scam. Although it is an unofficial Minecraft convention, its promotion reached nationwide and even several Minecraft YouTube stars supported this event. There was a lot of hype built, and parents were ready to spend $150 per ticket for a two day event. The organizers sold thousands of tickets, so its not unreasonable to be skeptical at this point. Another point of concern is the fact that the organizers did not offer any refunds to those who wished it; they simply said they were non-refundable and will host the event at a later time.

      Some are even enraged at this postponed event, posting their heated rants on MineOrama's Facebook page. Most of the comments are regarding non-refundable time, hotel reservations, and plain tickets. When asked about the reasoning behind the delay, MineOrama organizers stated that they are not a scam and that they didn't have enough funds three weeks prior to the planned event date. Apparently, they had to start from scratch and make everything work within three weeks and it just didn't go as planned. One good thing is that they promised to host this event in the future, and that refund instructions will be given after they figured their stuff out.