MineOrama - Another Scam?

      Unfortunately for the eager attendees of MineOrama, a Minecraft convention in New York, the event will be delayed for now. This raised many concerns as would be attendees are labeling this delay a part of a scam. Although it is an unofficial Minecraft convention, its promotion reached nationwide and even several Minecraft YouTube stars supported this event. There was a lot of hype built, and parents were ready to spend $150 per ticket for a two day event. The organizers sold thousands of tickets, so its not unreasonable to be skeptical at this point. Another point of concern is the fact that the organizers did not offer any refunds to those who wished it; they simply said they were non-refundable and will host the event at a later time.

      Some are even enraged at this postponed event, posting their heated rants on MineOrama's Facebook page. Most of the comments are regarding non-refundable time, hotel reservations, and plain tickets. When asked about the reasoning behind the delay, MineOrama organizers stated that they are not a scam and that they didn't have enough funds three weeks prior to the planned event date. Apparently, they had to start from scratch and make everything work within three weeks and it just didn't go as planned. One good thing is that they promised to host this event in the future, and that refund instructions will be given after they figured their stuff out.